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2008 Saturn Aura Brake pedal goes to the floor before brakes are engaged

I have replaced the front rotors, calibers, pads and brake lines. I went through the process of bleeding the brakes by using the following sequence: right rear, left rear, right front and left front.

I did this about 4 times - process was to pump the break until the pedal was hard then my son kept his foot on the pedal while I release the bleeder value. During this process I kept the master cylinder full.

Took the car out and the pedal went right to the floor when applying the brakes. The car did stop but not as I had expected.

So what have I done incorrectly here? Is there something else to check?

Did you allow the brake master cylinder to run empty when replacing the calipers/brake lines?


Try turning the ignition ON then OFF to cycle the ABS. Then bleed again.

That is a classic symptom of a bad master cylinder. You might need a new one.