2000 Ford Ranger - Brakes to the floor

Replaced front calipers, master cylinder, brake booster and bleed brakes RR LR,RF,LF pedal pumps up good. bled all air out. when I start the truck the pedal goes to the floor no brakes

Apparently you haven’t bled all the air out. What technique are younusing to bleed? Pedal pumping? Vacuum? Or pressure bleeder?

Check your calipers… make SURE the bleed screw is the highest point, not the lowest. They can be installed wrong or you could have gotten 2 rights or 2 lefts.

Does the truck have ABS?


did you bench bleed the master cylinder before installing it . . . ?

My preference is pressure bleeding . . . I find it to be more effective . . . but I’m sure other guys may disagree with me and/or have their own preference(s)

Good advice above. Sometimes you can get to the bottom of something like this by clamping off flexible brake lines, one at a time. If at some point the brake pedal feel returns to normal, you know the latest line you clamped off contains the problem.

Another idea, since you replaced the front calipers, is there a chance you installed them right/left reversed? This isn’t a completely unheard of thing to happen, even for pro shops. If that happened then the bleeders will be pointing down instead of up. If so you have to swap them back to their correct side.

Unlikely, but easiest enough to test. Use a hand-held vacuum pump to make sure the brake booster holds vacuum.