2008 Pontiac Torrent AWD or 2008 Ford Escape XLT 4x4 V6 for Winter Car?

Which is the better choice for winter and for reliability/maintenance? Thanks!

Here’s a comparison chart;

Nearly the same. Same fuel economy , almost same gas tank size, Escape has 200hp at 6000rpm meanwhile Torrent has 185hp but at 5200rpm, and 210 torque at 3800rpm meanwhile Escape is 193 @ 4850rpm. Not sure which to get, biggest concern is weather I should get AWD or 4x4 for Winter and which one would be easier to maintain and be more reliable. They’re both at 240k KM

Pontiac is an orphan at this point, so I would say the Escape. Whichever vehicle you choose (I personally wouldn’t be looking at either of these), make sure you have it inspected by your mechanic prior to purchasing. Reliability is going to be based on whether previous scheduled maintenance was done more than brand/model since you’re looking at vehicles that are 11 years old with approx 150k miles (if my conversion math is correct…I haven’t done km to miles in my head for awhile)

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These were the best options around my budget I could find that come safetied.

That is true, but–as with virtually all Pontiacs for the last decade of so of that division’s existence–this model is essentially a Chevrolet with a Pontiac badge, plus a different grill and tail lights. The Pontiac Torrent is nothing more and nothing less than a Chevy Equinox, and that model’s reliability back in those days was… not so great.

All of that being said, when one is considering a vehicle that is more than 10 years old, the way that it was maintained by its previous owner(s) is probably more important than the make and model.

What does that mean ? And forget past reviews , all that matters is what a shop that you pay for an inspection says. Even if the shop says they see no problems they are old and high mileage so don’t expect trouble free driving for a long time.

Possibly, he meant “certified”, but–then again–I can’t imagine any 11 year old vehicle being sold as a Certified Used Car.
Quien sabe?

Well I’m in Canada Ontario, legally when purchasing a vehicle 5 years or older, it has to pass a safety inspection in order to register it under your name and put it on the road

Well I’m in Ontario, legally when purchasing a vehicle 5 years or older, it has to pass a safety inspection in order to register it under your name and put it on the road

That’s all well and good, but a safety inspection would likely not include inspection of all of the 11 year old mechanical parts that could easily be problematic after so many years.

Does a Canadian safety inspection include things like a compression test of the engine?
I doubt it…

You could get an equinox sport with a 280hp motor.

Of those two, I prefer the Escort Escape. Be sure to review what Consumer Reports says about reliability in their Used Car Guide, and use the forum search feature here to see what sort of posts we’ve been getting about each of those models. Don’t make a judgement purely based on the number of problem posts here b/c there’s more Escorts Escapes on the road than Torrents I expect.

Water pump replacement comparison

Torrent w/3.6L engine, 1 1/2 hours + $250
Escape w/3.0L engine, 1.8 hours + $160

What Escort ?

If you live where they spread a lot of salt, the Escape has been rust prone especially around the rear wheel wells,

Why do you think you need either AWD or a 4X4? If you are driving on roads that are maintained by the highway department 2WD with good winter tires should be fine.