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2008 Pontiac G6 Stuck accelerator. Crashes in runaway truck ramp

DENVER – Eastbound Interstate 70 was closed for about an hour at Lookout Mountain after troopers said a car’s accelerator got stuck and the driver used a runaway truck ramp to stop.
The Colorado State Patrol said they got a call around noon from the driver of a 2008 Pontiac G6 headed west on Highway 40 west of Empire.
The patrol said the driver reported the accelerator of the car was stuck.

The driver was directed onto I-70 and used a runaway truck ramp to stop. When the car hit the ramp it crashed, said Nate Reed of the Colorado State Patrol.
The driver only sustained minor injuries, Reed said.
CSP was able to reopen some lanes around 1:20 p.m.

  • Unable to place transmission in NEUTRAL?
  • Can’t turn of ignition unless in PARK?
  • Can’t downshift from D to 2, then to 1? Can one downshift a racing engine if brakes have faded to ineffectiveness?
  • Can’t place in REVERSE?
  • Unable to slowy press parking brake and slow and stop - especially when going up the steep hill heading eastbound on I-70?
  • Did driver ride brakes and get them so hot thathey failed to brake?

When a driver panics they usually forget everything. I don’t know how the driver managed to call the Colorado State Patrol unless it was a passenger. If the vehicle was simply placed in neutral there would have been no problem.

It amazes me that this happens at all. The key that turns on the motor also turns it off. Just my2c.

the training a new driver gets is a joke ! Rule # 1 keep your head stay cool. #2 make sure you our in control of the car or what ever you our driving. #3 know your options leave your shelf an out or escape route. mountian driving is something that gets overlooked in drivers ed. SAVE THE BRAKES GOING DOWN A STEAP GRADE PUT TRAINS NEXT LOWER GEAR. ONLY USE THE BRAKES IF THE SPEED OF THE CAR IS GETTING TO FAST FOR YOUR COMFORT BUT ONLY FOR 5 SECONDS THEN LET THEM COOL OFF AND DO IT AGAIN. if there is a pull off area use it to let the brakes and your nerveas rest for a moment.

Yah, PANIC overrules all logic.
Hindsight is always 20/20.