2008 mercedes bad transmission-help!


I have a brand new mercedes c300 sports sedan (6 speed) that pops out of reverse. The dealer is preparing to put in a new transmission next week. Is this a bad idea?


Would you rather have a malfunctioning transmission???


Its sounds like a perfect idea? Why is it bad?


of course not! i am just worried that it will mess up the car in some other way. keep in mind, i am a clueless female. it just seems drastic. i was hoping that they could just make a simple adjustment.


Like the others who responded, I am puzzled by your question. Most people would be very glad that the dealership is doing exactly what it should, by honoring the warranty on your expensive, yet defective car.

So, I have to ask:
Why do you perceive the replacement of your transmission to be a bad thing?


I would be upset if my new car needed a major repair like this. Unfortunately, you have no choice. Hopefully, the repair will be done correctly.
When you get the car back, evaluate it carefully and make the dealer fix anything you are not satisfied with


Take the new transmission… This is a no brainer…



It’s a great idea to replace the transmission as a unit but are you absolutely sure they’re replacing the transmission or fixing it?

This should be a warranty issue and in my experience I’ve never known warranty to replace something as a complete unit unless something occurred to trash the entire unit. Warranty generally pays to repair the specific problem so it should only be paying to remove, disassemble, and repair the reverse gear fault.


You would prefer that the entire car be replaced? Actually if the miles were extremely low (like50)I would prefer that the whole car be replaced. But thats not how things work. Talk to sales. The sales dept can move mountains at a dealership