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2008 Mazda 5 / tires worn to inner tires

My tires wear out towards the inner part of the tires fast. I have replaced the shocks and struts and also the inner links and alignment is always done. Why do my tires keep wearing out fast towards the inner part? I rotate the tires and balance them at the recommended requirements.

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You tires wear odd because of too much negative camber designed into the car. Let me guess, the rears show this wear faster than the fronts, right? And you do mostly highway driving?

The picture on the right shows negative camber.


Your car is designed to have -1.2 degrees +/- 1 degree negative camber from the factory at the rear. It could be as much as -2.2 degrees or as little as -0.2 and still be in specification… -1.2 degrees will wear tires but -2.2 will wear them a bunch. If you have not had an alignment recently, get one and tell the tech that you are wearing out tires faster than you think you should. Try and get him to adjust the car to as close to the -0.2 as he can in the rear of the car.


I had some bridgestone tires that the outsides wore out before the center, proper maintenance and pressure, just happened. I switched back to Michelins, so far so good.
Could be you need a better alignment shop. Some go to within specs, some go to center of specs.

Loved that Mazda5. I used to ask for them as rentals when I travelled and sit in back to have my lunch.

did you replace the coil springs when you did the struts? they say larger cars tend to sag more over time and affect alignment. not sure if an 08 mazda would have same issue. the road course boys install camber plates on shock towers. but they want more lean in, not lean out.