2000 Mitsubishi Diamante uneven tire wear

my two rear tires wear out on the inside of tires 4500 miles inside of tires wear to the cords

First, do you mean 4,500 miles or 45,000 miles? 4,500 is fairly soon for tires to wear out, 45,000 is much more reasonable. Second, what do you mean by “inside”? The center of the tread or the part of the tire closest to the center of the car? If it’s the center of the tread, you’re running the tires with too much air, which is easily remedied. If it’s the center of the car, you have an alignment problem. Third, it’s dangerous to drive the car with the tires in that condition but I’ll assume you knew that. Post back with more information and someone will help.

The car needs an alignment and maybe new springs in the rear.

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Too much negative camber or too much toe-out. Likely the former.

Something bent or worn out. You might check the rear suspension knuckles. There have been some issues with the upper bushings getting beat out. That leads to slop which in turn leads to negative camber. Below is what it looks like and the problem is the bushing on the long arm.


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