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2008 Jeep Laredo AC/Heater Issue

I have a 2008 Laredo which has been working fine until about about 6 mths ago the ac/heat fan blowers continue to blow either hot or cold air even when the setting is in the off position. The blowers intensify when I accelerate.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

The other minor problem is the fan directional. If I have it set to blow on my legs only, it also comes out of the window defrost.

Sounds as if the vent to the outside is stuck open. The faster you go the more air you get. I had the same problem, only defrost, and had to replace the motor controlling the air flow flap to the defrost.

Thanks so much for your feedback! I took it back to the dealers and they finally fixed the problem and everything is working fine again.