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2008 Jeep Cherokee Issues

I have a 2008 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. I’m having issues with the serpentine belt. I tried to replace the belt, but one of the pulleys (dead center) is loose. Also, there seems to be a leak, potentially from the water pump? Just looking for any advice on how to repair this.

There are u tube videos on how to replace the water pump & although I didn’t look , I’ll bet there are also videos on the serpentine belt & pulleys .

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Sounds like the water pump bearing is toast, which is causing the pulley to wobble

As for the leak, that sounds like coolant is pouring out of the weep hole

I recommend either a mopar belt, or at least a gates.

Might be a good time to also replace the pressure cap and thermostat, along with that water pump, of course