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2008 Infiniti M35 clicks, won’t start

Car won’t start seems like a generator. The battery is fully charged as I hear a fast click, click, sound. What would Nissan do to fix it?

It is out of warranty so what ever they do will be on your dime. If you know of an independent shop this should not be a difficult repair. If the battery has a full charge your alternator should be fine. You might spend about 25 to 30 dollars and have a road service jump it and see if it starts.

Clicking does not indicate that the battery is good.

Normally a clicking sound when you turn the key, point to either a dead battery or dirty, corroded battery terminals.

Remove the battery cables, clean the battery posts and the terminals and get the battery on a charger.

You may have something draining the battery while the car sits unused.



Yes to above - but be sure you know what to do after your battery has been disconnected. You might have to enter a specific code into the radio to get it to work. More things may need attending to. Check your owners manual about this.