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2008 Hyundai Tucson - Jerks

When you leave a stop sign some time’s the car jerk’s,but not all the time.

Is the regular maintenance up to date? Trans fluid the right kind at the right level and in good condition? Your manual will tell you how to check trans fluid level. It may take several steps to do it accurately.

To get to the bottom of this you’ll have to take it to a shop for a pro-assessment. Lots of different problems can cause that symptom. If you want to try something yourself on a flyer, try adding a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to a full gas tank. If it seems to help, on the next full tank try it again. I doubt it will help, but at least you’ll have cleaner injectors.

Can you be more specific. How frequently does this happen. How long does it last, regardless of soft or hard start… etc? Does it idle OK?