2008 Honda Fit - Horn sounds different if I have been driving and have the AC on than with AC off

When I set the locks and alarm after driving with the AC on, the horn sounds muffled. If the AC was not on, it sounds normal. Any ideas what this could be? I am curious, should I expect this to come back? Is it a sign of a problem I need to concern myself with?

I suspect it’s the battery, and just had it replaced today because the dealer said it was functional, but holding less of a charge than it should.

I can’t tell you what the horn on my car sounds like, because I never use it.

You need something more substantial to worry about.

I’m sure your local Honda dealer was happy to sell you a battery you didn’t need.

You have a non-problem.

Hmmm…they said the battery was old enough, and we live in a desert so it was apt to fail soon. Plus, the battery was killed once due to a dome light being left on over the weekend.

Well, from other comments in this forum, these cars aren’t known for having a very robust battery.

Whew, hate to think I finally found a mechanic that seems pretty legit only to get ripped off. I think he was right that the battery was less than well, and I don’t want my wife ever getting stranded, so I baby her car.