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2008 Honda Fit - Grinding noise

I have a 2008 Honda fit.
It has a low grinding noise in the area of the rear passenger side. sometimes,
I had my mechanic check it but his answer is. Turn the radio up. I don’t see anything wrong,
The bakes do not show abnormal wear. if you jack up the car and rotate the wheel = no sound,
If you step on the brake while it is making the noise. There is no change
if you use the emergency brake while it makes the noise. There is no change .
If you bounce the car. It does not make the noise.
The noise only occurs after several miles of driving.
After that it comes an goes.
Wet or dry weather has no effect.
No difference in the sound it makes whether highway or street driving
No bare metal showing anywhere.
Rear brakes have 63000 miles on them and still meet inspection requirements.
Mechanic states that this car does not require lubricant.
I have driven 4,00 miles with this problem.
Should I just wait until something falls off?

We have an '07 Fit with 135K and pretty much everything that can go wrong with it has. My best guess as to your problem is a wheel bearing needs to be replaced. If you plan to keep it a while, check with your new mechanic (the one you have is giving you bad advice) and see if that year requires valve adjustments in the engine. It solved a LOT of issues we were struggling to identify. I’m not an expert, but if I had 63K on a set of brakes I would wonder why they were not being used as often as they should be. Those are drums I think in your car (ours are). But I worry a lot. I would advise any fellow owner of a Fit to get rid of it at 100K. Our has cost us thousands to keep running beyond the expected normal wear and tear.


Wheel bearing is a possibility. If the noise changes as you put sideways stress on it while driving at high speed, that’s another clue. Try driving on a curvy smooth road, or wiggling the steering wheel left-right-left-right when it’s safe to do so.

Does it vary just with road speed?

I was also going to mention wheel bearings… Im somewhat of a savant when it comes to ID’ing what noise is what component… But Savant’y as I be… I cant possibly pull it off from where I sit. But wheel bearing is high on the list…

Another oft overlooked item is the brake pads… Im not sure which system is being used on your fit but if it has rear drums and shoes…this is another great area to look at…when the rear shoes are not adjusted up on the drum tight enough…it will allow a shoe (the lead shoe to be precise) to chatter as it has to be over extended by the wheel cylinder…and this will correct itself and the noise will subside till next time, so this will cause a “come and go” condition Just a good place to check, make sure the shoes are correctly adjusted and ignore anyone who tells you to turn up the radio as a fix, that is honestly shameful.