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2008 Honda Element Screeching Squealing Clutch

Help…I bought a new Honda Element in 2008 and it has never stopped screeching and squealing when I use the clutch. The Honda Dealership has tried all remedies, including removal of the clutch assembly and replacing it…only to have the noise return the next day. The American Honda Company assigned a CASE MANAGER “WAYNE” who promised to call me back and has not. Any suggestions out there?

Does the noise happen when you step on the clutch pedal, when you take your foot off the pedal, or all the time?

Hello again…guess I didn’t explain this enough. It screeches and squeals when I put my foot on the clutch, slightly, a light touch or a heavy touch. It does it when I push it in and when I am releasing the clutch. It seems to prevail more when it is damp outside, however, the car sits in a heated garage year-round and nights…it never sits outside except when I am at work. It seems to be quieter when it has been sitting outside in the sun, but that isn’t a “for sure”. It is soooooo loud, that I must turn up the radio to drown it out. People riding in my car are pretty stunned by the noise. The Continental Honda Dealership has tried “spraying” the thing and all that does is make the car smell for a day or two. They have recently replaced the clutch entirely and that didn’t change the situation for more than a few hours while it sat in the garage overnight. The next day, it sounded just like before. The Honda of America folks assigned a Case Manager, “WAYNE”, who promised to call me back and hasn’t. The Honda service folks said they have had this issue with other models, but not the Element. Please ask more, I’ll try to explain better.