2008 Honda Civic Sdn - Kocks - Any ideas for soving it?

Knocking noises when driving the car over 35mph

Without anymore specific information, I would suggest towing it to a good shop and see if it’s salvageable.

Knocking? Something apparently wants IN… or more disturbing, something wants OUT!

Numerous possibilities here like exhaust shields, CV joints, lug nuts, even brake shoes. The cracked brake shield is always tricky. Even plastic air dams can do things like that. Around here in the snows of Maine as well as everywhere else I’ve been; there is usually something hanging down under Hondas and some Toyotas. A friend had an engine changed in a 77 Impala and the knocking came from loose transmission bolts on the bell housing! A three man job sometimes turns out that way. I thought that was YOUR job.

The Civic is a noisy car in terms of engine noise and road noise, so if you think your car is knocking based only on noise, it might not be.

If you think it is knocking based on noise and performance, you have some options:

  1. Check the knock sensor.
  2. Check the EGR valve.
  3. Try using high octane gas to see if it reduces pre-ignition of the fuel. If it does, you know it is really knocking. You’d still want to get it fixed rather than continue using expensive gasoline, but this can help confirm the problem is pre-ignition.
  4. Check the codes in your car’s computer, particularly if your “check engine” light is on.

We don’t even know if the knocking is coming from the engine. Could be a suspension clunk. Or a rock caught in the bodywork somewhere and banging around over bumps.

OP: Details?