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2008 honda accord

I bought this 2008 Honda Accord car and 15,000 miles later brake is gone I surf the net and see that some other hona owners lost brake pads as soon as 5,000 miles. I call the dealer they said they will reimburse $140 per axle the job is a $800 job at dealer, maybe $400 on the market. What should I do should this be a recall issue, this is ridiculus!

Honda Does Have Brake Problems With Some 2008, 2009, And 2010 Accords.

Is your car out of warranty ? I see that the brake work isbeing done under warranty and shouldn’t cost the owner except for the time and inconvenience. Out of warranty cars may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Parts and Service Manager or your Honda Zone Office.


There is a class action lawsuit that covers the rear brake pads; the reimbursement is $150. Go to this website for info & claim form: It is lousy that the pads wear early but at least get your $150 back–I did.

Another Recent Honda Brakes Complaint