2008 Honda Accord Front End Pop/Clunk

My Honda has a pop or clunk when braking at low speeds( below 5mph) just before coming to a stop. It will pop as I start forward again (below 5mph). It only occurs when the outside temperature is above 90-95 degrees and after driving for 10-15 minutes. Dealership has looked at it twice and has not found any issue. I’ve changed brake pads and rotors as well as lubricated everything - didn’t help. Brake performance, handling, etc isn’t affected. It’s highly annoying and makes me worry that something will eventually fail.

My first inclination is the trailing arm bushings, but even a blind mechanic should see those. My next choice would be an upper strut mount, that would be much harder to detect and may require some dis-assembly to find.

Thanks for the response. I was told the bushings look good. I have about 75000 miles - would the upper strut mount go bad that soon? Thanks for your help

It can, but a motor mount or tanny mount can also. Try moving stuff around by hand and see what you can find. Include trying to shake the sway bar in that activity. Which reminds me, a sway bar link can do what you describe. It’s a short rod with a quasi-ball joint at each end, and they can bind up and produce the sound. I’ve attached a drawing to show you what they are. See Pp 4. It’s called a “stabilizer link assembly” in this drawing.