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2008 Forester manual trans

I have a new Forester, 3700 miles and it accelerates after engaging the clutch when i come to a stop sign or light, up to 3000 rpm then settles down to the correct 800 rpm after 10 seconds or so. Is the accelerator sticking or what??? Also, it is difficult to shift into reverse, dealer says this is normal. Sometimes i have to double-clutch…does this make sense to anybody??? Thanks for your commennts

I don’t think it is “normal”. Start by asking the dealer to let you drive another Forester with the same manual trans, so you can see for yourself. You either replicate both conditions during the drive, or demand repair.

thanks for your comments. perhaps i was naive to let them try to duplicate conditions, i should take someone for a drive? no other manual foresters on lot at this time.