1999 Subaru Forester- May have new transmission in its future

The Forester is automatic,for about 10 days to 2 weeks the car seemed to be idling high - now I think it is not shifting- New transmission? what kind of $$ - what kind of damage may I have done?

There is a very big difference between not shifting and idling high. Could you explain exactly what you are observing, without trying to figure out what is causing it? How many miles on that forester? What kind of service (ever do any towing of a trailer?) Has the transmission ever been serviced? Any history of engine problems? Any check engine lights ever? Any other odd signs or history?

The car has 83360 miles, never towed anything. The transmission has never been serviced - the only engine problems have been from a timing belt that was installed wrong causing, a bolt to come loose jamming the pistons, and then I had a $2000 bill to repair the damage - the check engine light has come on twice when I was sitting waiting for someone with the car idling. The rpm is routinely between 1 and 2 does go to 3 - The noise sounds like I am idling and gunning the engine - when I drive it seems as though there is something holding the car back from fully accelerating.