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2008 Ford Ranger bumping sound after crank

It has a bumping sounds right after you crank it.

Send us a sound clip

Does the engine even start . . . ?!

Does is start, where does the sound come from ( in the front, back, underneath you, left side, right side)? How long does it last, do you have an automatic or standard transmission? Does it happen after you start or during ignition? Is it when you go into gear that it happens?

It is an automatic. It does it after it cranks. It is not in gear. Sounds like its coming from under the hood.

thanks for the additional information :+1:

But you weren’t entirely clear on one thing . . .

Does the engine start?

Or does it just crank over without actually starting?

Not exactly sure what you mean by “bumping” sound. But I’ll still make a guess. Worn motor or transmission mount. Watch the engine while a helper cranks it. Does it seem to move more than you’d expect during cranking?

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It does crank & run. It just has a bumping sound right after you crank it. It runs fine. Just don’t know what makes the bumping right after its cranked.

I am going to agree with George, that sound like a worn motor mount.