Thumping sound on 08 Ford Ranger

I hear a thumping sound after a couple minutes after starting. It has 212,000 miles and runs super. The sound seems to come from underneath-not from engine.
Also seems to hesitate shifting between 1st and 2nd gear. Anything I should be concerned about with a vehicle of this age and miles? Any suggestions about maintanence,replacement of parts and things to check on for old Ford Rangers would be appreciated’.

If you are in rust country, check to see if one of the leaf spring hangers is dead. My leaf spring was banging against the bed.

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Along with the above:
For the thumping check motor and transmission mounts. Check exhaust system hangers.
For the 1-2 shift hesitation you might get lucky with a transmission fluid change.

without hearing the noise and knowing the exact location where its coming from its hard to say what it is. it could be something like the exhaust hitting the floor boards, a suspension part thats bad or a broken rear shock hitting the bottom of the bed. i think the hesitation is a separate issue.

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