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2008 ford fusion making a whomp noise when driving

I have a 2008 ford fusion and when I drive its making a whomp noise. Already checked tires and breaks/rotors. It starts once i start picking up speed and doesn’t go away. I can also feel it it my feet. Also would like to mention I just got an alignment so it isn’t that. Thanks.

Could be a tire separating.


Are your lug nuts tight?

Yes, we checked all the lug nuts.

A bad wheel bearing can do that if the noise is constant with speed.The cabin will sound abnormally loud if its the case. Post a sound clip here because it will help us a lot.

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@Renegade pointed the most likely cause…

what is DOT date code on the tires?
also, what is tires brand/model?

Okay thanks I will try and get a sound after work.

One need to isolate the sound-need to know where it’s coming from are you sure it’s coming from the suspension, tires when it turns, or engine when you accurate? Have someone else drive and ride along listen to isolate the sound. I had a truck owner forgot to torque the bolts on after a brake job and the whole bracket was sliding hitting the suspension, it’s a wonder he did not crash? The bolt came out of the hole no longer on the vehicle, ending up having to replace the bolt and redo the brake job.

I’m fairly sure it’s the tires (but I’m the farthest thing from an expert lol) . It changes sound when I turn. Yeah I’ve had someone ride along and listen. I replaced the back tires and now I’m thinking it has something to do with the front. The tires look okay though. No cupping or bumps. Tread is good. Maybe I’m missing something?

Not too sure it could be a wheel bearing, because a bad wheel bearing makes a grinding sound at higher speeds, not a whomp, but then again when a bearing is starting to wear, it could theoretically make a whomp sound when at speed. It could be the tire separating from the rim also, depending on what size of tire you got.

Separating from the Rim ? ( if that is happening it will go flat soon ) Size of tire makes a difference ?

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Swap the front tires to the rear.

If the noise moves with the tires, one of the front tires has a belt separation.



If the tire was separating from the rim it would have been flat by the 3rd “whomp”. That would have been really noticeable. As far as the tire size mattering, where did that brilliant insight come from?


we are definitely missing DOT code[s] from your older tires

The thing about the tire sizing was that is if you have a tire too small for the rim, it might cause some issues like that idk, and yeah the tire separating from the rim would separate very quickly, and I’m guessing thats not the issue here since the OP says their front tires are ok… It could be tire inflation or a bad suspension component (CV axle joint?). I should probably stop trying to help

I don’t know of a single tire shop that will mount the wrong size tire on a tire rim/wheel.


Help is OK , guessing does not help .

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Tires can fail whilst looking perfectly normal and with plenty of tread left. Usually due to an internal belt failure within the tread…as has been mentioned before.

I would follow Mr @Tester good advice…both on the belt separation (tires) and moving front to rear…pay attention to the changes it makes.

Its most likely one of those front tires.

Imho, wheel bearings dont Whomp…they growl…like knobby tires over pavement…just more subtly…


One whomp sound at higher speeds is a torn CV boot flapping. That may not have enough oomph to be felt in your feet, but is worth a look.

Thanks. I’ll try and do that asap. Thanks for the help!