2008 Ford F150 got rain in the interior

I have a 2008 F-150 with a little over 100K on it. I left the drivers window open one night and it rained in. Next day I started it up, heard a noise coming from the dash area (warning alarm). All the warning lights came on, speedo and tach dont register but the fuel and oil pressure gauges work. Where the odometer is it reads “check gauges”. I unhooked the battery for a few minutes thinking that it might reset itself… wrong.Don’t know what to do at this point.

I’d let it idle for an hour with in defrost, max heat settings, and windows closed to dry to dry it out.

Don’t you mean with the windows open?


No, defrost will push warm dry air through the cabin. Open windows would let humid outdoor air in. If in the desert, just park with the sun beating down in the dash and open windows a few inches (engine off).

If the fan is on high, the cabin is under positive pressure, pushing the air out the open windows.


Open windows with a side breeze would easily overcome the fan’s volumetric flow.

And the breeze goes out the opposite window.


Thereby adding humidity to the cabin…


Drying the interior out the best you can seems the first step as posted above. If that doesn’t work , look under the dash with a flashlight and mirror for a connector that might have gotten a little wet. If so, wiggle it, disconnect and reconnect, etc, see if that has any effect. Disconnecting the battery overnight might be worth a try too. I expect however at the minimum that you’ll end up going to a shop having the Ford scan tool to get the dash control circuity reset.