2008 Ford F-150 - Dead battery

I was using a portable air compressor (to fill golf cart tires) plugged into the cigarette lighter with the truck ignition on accessory (engine not running). Now I can’t start the truck. Fuel pump (under truck bed) is clicking. I put my charger on the battery but would not start. Lights were ok but loud clicking at engine (maybe the alternator or starter?) but the fuel pump did stop for a few minutes then started again. Can’t start the truck so I disconnected the battery positive lead (to stop the fuel pump) until I can get to a mechanic Monday. Any ideas?

Yes, your battery needs replacement now. Don’t feel bad, the compressor did you a favor to kill your battery before the really cold weather arrives.


Let the charger recharge it for 4-6 hours.

And always disconnect the NEGATIVE battery side first.

That was it - dead battery. Thanks for the advice.

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Battery needed replacement. Thanks for the advice.

Thank for the advice. It was the battery.