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2008 Ford Explorer P1700

2008 ford explorer with 5r55s. Was having shifting issues and got code p1700 and p0743. I changed the filter and fluid as well as the shift solenoid pack. The only code i have now is p1700. Also now if im in D it will not shift from 2nd to 3rd, but if from D i go manually to 3rd it goes into 3rd. Then if i go from 3rd back to D it will go onto to 4th and shift like normal. Any time it is shifting up it will get stuck in 2nd until i repeat the cycle of D to 3 back to D. Is it time to rebuild or replace the transmission or is something else wrong?

Did you flush the transmission fluid?


I did not. Im low on money right now and cant afford to take it somewhere to have them do it. And the problem with trying to do it the way it is listed in the link is that the 5r55s does not have a dipstick tube, you have to pump the fluid in through the pan so pouring in fluid while the old is being poured out is virtually impossible.

A transmission flush machine is used.


Yes I know i just dont have the money to take it somewhere to have it done.

Then you shouldn’t drive the vehicle until you do.

Because would what could have started out just being a $150,00 service, could end up being a $3000,00 service.



Do you not have a credit card or belong to a credit union ? No relatives or friends to help ?
As Tester says keep driving and you will most likely have more problems.

If my resources were severely stretched, I wouldn’t do something that was sure to lead to MUCH bigger repair costs.

No i dont have credit cards, what does a credit union have to do with anything? And i might have family or friends that can help, but i was trying to see what solutions people had to offer before i spend money or borrow money for a transmission flush.

Also we have another vehicle that were sharing so i haven’t been driving it.

They loan money :astonished:

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Yes im aware but i dont qualify for a loan.