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2008 Ford Escape - Seized up

2007 engine seized up on ford escape 3.5l

And?? What preventative maintenance did you fail to perform? What warning gauge or lights did you ignore?


It’s a 12 year old vehicle with lord only knows how many miles. Stuff breaks. You can do everything right and still have engine problems, although good maintenance makes them less likely. At the national average of 13,500 miles per year you could have 160k+ miles on that engine. Get a quote for replacing the engine. If it were mine I’d have a used engine installed and trade it in.

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Additionally, we have no clue as to the engine’s oil change regimen.
We don’t even know whether the oil was ever checked between oil changes.

In any event, the OP should get a price quote on a replacement engine. If the transmission has been regularly maintained and if the vehicle is rust-free, then it might be worthwhile to get a rebuilt engine from Jasper or another supplier.

On the other hand, if the transmission has not been serviced every 3 years or so, then that will be the next component to fail, and as a result I wouldn’t recommend spending any more money than a used engine would cost.