2008 elantra - struts or tires or something else?

I have a 2008 elantra. It has 71600 miles on it. New brakes, & tires. 2 tires were changed year and 2 more the previous year. I have been hearing a constant sound and starting to feel a mild vibration on the pedal. First I went to a mechanic and he said I need to change the belts. Got that done, no respite. Next went to another, he said i probably need to get the wheel alignment done as the tires seem ‘cupped’ on the inside. Went to the dealership, they looked at it said the same abt needing wheel alignment and asked me to change the timing belt! $400+ spent. Still same sound. Went to Sams club to look at the tires & they said check the brakes, tires are fine, it cannot wear out so soon and its not covered under warranty. Brakes got checked out as fine. Went back to Sams again and was told to check Suspension and Struts this time. Went to a mechanic and he gave me an all clear this morning! I am going on a road trip and don’t want to be in an accident! Going to pep boys next for yet another opinion at $20. Any suggestions?

What does the “constant sound” sound like? Whistle, whine, squeak, groan, growl? Does it depend on wheel speed or engine speed? Does it change pitch? When does it stop?

What about the “mild vibration?” i assume you mean you feel it in the break pedal. That may be slight warping in the front brake rotors. Does the frequency of the vibration depend on wheel speed? The warp pushes back against the brake pads and you feel it in the brake pedal as a vibration.

If the rotors are in fact warped, a mechanic should be able to drive it and feel the pulsation in the pedal and diagnose it correctly. It’s not dangerous but the fix is to replace the rotors.

But stop going to these chain stores like Sams Club and Pep Boys. Find a trusted local mechanic in the Mechanics Files section of this website.