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2008 Dodge Ram 3500 runs rough at operating temp

truck has been in the shop for a month now. Original problem was the TIPM. Now they say one the engine gets up to operating temperature it starts running rough. Any idea? Mechanic is scratching his head.

You can’t expect folks on the internet with virtually no information about your truck to solve a problem your mechanic can’t fix when he’s standing next to the vehicle. You didn’t even tell us what engine you have or how many miles on it or why you even took it into the shop.

The only useful advice I can give based on what you told us is to have your truck towed to a better mechanic.

Sorry for lack of info. Had all of that in a previous thread I thought would automatically post. 2008 Dodge Ram 3500. 6.7 turbo diesel. Original problem was bad tipm. New one installed. Now engine runs rough when it comes up to normal operating temp. Cools off and runs smooth
---- Mustangman wrote:

Can’t help much with the Cummins other than to suggest a mechanic ride along with a scan tool to capture what is going on when it runs rough. You will owe him for his time but it is money well spent if he can recognize what is wrong.