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2008 Dodge Avenger - Won't Switch Out

My Dodge Avenger won’t switch out when I’m driving. Need help…

If you want help you will have to make a better question because I for one have no idea what 'switch out ’ means.


What won’t it switch out?

Hello, my vehicle won’t change gears. It won’t shift out. Please help

Won’t shift out of park ?

You need a transmission shop .

… or out of 1st gear?
… or out of reverse?
… or… ?

Stuck in “limp home” mode? Is the Check Engine light on?

Have you checked the transmission fluid level, it is done with the engine running in park, it should be done after the car is driven 7 ir 8 miles but if the car won’t drive you can’t do that. If you need fluid use only ATF+4

Thank you so much and it is the transmission fluid.