2008 Chrysler Town & Country guzzling oil

Put a Quart of oil last week and this week there’s no oil. no leaks under car at all. what could this be???

Your engine is probably burning oil internally. The only true and tested fix for this is getting new piston rings or getting a rebuilt engine.

If you have run the engine with no oil visible on the stick you have ruined the engine and it will continue to burn more oil. To prevent any more damage to your engine add enough oil to get up to the full mark on the dip stick. Check it the next day then 2 days then once a week and see when the level drops and requires another quart.

Check the coolant. See any weird cottage cheese looking stuff floating on top or under the radiator cap?

There’s not that many places oil inside the engine can go

  • leak out onto the ground
  • leak out onto the exhaust manifold and create a lot of smoke from engine compartment
  • leak into the coolant (via a head gasket breech or oil cooler problem)
  • sucked into the engine intake manifold (faulty pcv system)
  • leak pass the piston rings and out the exhaust pipe (sometime no obvious smoke from that as it is captured in the cat)
  • leak past the valve stem seals (see a lot of smoke out the exhaust pipe when you first start the engine after it has been sitting an hour or more? But soon afterwards the exhaust smoke gets much less , if any at all?)

Ask a helper to drive behind you while you accelerate up a freeway on ramp. Do they see a lot of blue/black smoke out the tailpipe?

It is not unusual for the 3.3L and 3.8L engines to consume a quart of oil every 2,000 to 3,000 miles, not the end of the world. I have seen many of them 2 quarts low on oil, just keep it full.

We have had four 3.3 Chrysler engines in the family and non of them burned any oil, but the newest one was a 2003 and Chrysler’s quality has done nothing but plunge down hill since then. The 3.0 Mitsu engines and the 2.4 Chrysler engines all burned some oil since new. About 2500-3000 miles per quart.

The idea of Fiat improving anyone’s quality is laughable.

That you needed more than a quart of oil last week.

We’ve had two minivans with the 3.3 L engine and no oil leaking or burning well past 125,000 miles. I agree with oldtimer_11’s comments on the engines, but not so much about Chrysler quality.

Consumer Reports’ overall rankings combine scores for road test, predicted reliability, and owner satisfaction. In April 2018 they say, “Chrysler is the only brand that took a giant step up in the ratings this year, with an Overall Score four points higher than last year, thanks largely to high road-test scores and the average reliability of its Pacifica.”