2008 Chevy Aveo ac problems

Mother in law’s 2008 Chevy Aveo had the ac stop working. I put gauges on the vehicle, and it was low on freon. I recharged the system, and the ac now works. Problem is, the fan under the hood cycles on and off. On every other vehicle I have had, the cooling fan should stay on the entire time the ac is working. This fan comes on for a few seconds, then shuts off. Every time it shuts off, my high side reading approach 300 psi. Then it comes on and high side drops to 200 psi. Is there an obvious reason that this is happening? Is it supposed to happen?

Forgot to mention, the ambient temp is 80 F, low side is 40, high side is 200, dash temp is 55 F. (A little high, I thought?)

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@dockrat100 perhaps the condenser fan switch/relay is faulty

Finally called the dealer, and the condenser fan is on demand, so it is operating as designed. The actual dash temp, with the fan on low is 45 F. That is a little more like it.