Overheating 2010 Chevrolet Aveo

When first hitting 50 after car has started and ran for ten minutes, when AC is off it overheats but as soon as I turn the AC on it goes down to just barely touching halfway. I then will turn the AC off and the temp sits at halfway and never moves. My car does a little jerk when it overheats and sounds like a go kart when over 30.

Sound like the electric cooling fan is not coming on when the engine gets hot. Turning the AC on forces the fan to run so it cools the engine. I don’t know whatvturns the fan on in this particular car but it should not cost much to fix.

Not sure what you mean… sounds like a go kart above 30.

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+1 to Mustangman’s comments, but I have to add that if this 10 year old engine has been overheated multiple times (as the OP seems to imply), there could be very extensive damage to the engine.
And, given the low book value of the car, it might not be cost-effective to overhaul/replace the engine.

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