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2008 Chevrolet Malibu - Confusing

2008 Malibu has died on me twice recently. Once on the express way and once in a parking lot. Dealer can’t find the problem. But did say a fuse was blown the first time
The second time it was the same fuse #43 both times.

Hi Cathy. Did you have a question about the fuse?

That fuse is in the fusebox under the hood and it protects the ignition control module. So it is probably a short in the wiring. I don’t know if a bad module can draw too much current but maybe a mechanic on here does. Intermittent problems can be very expensive to find and fix and I am not sure your dealer is the best place for this. He has had two opportunities and no results. A lot of dealers and some so called mechanics have the attitude that is it isn’t throwing a code, we can’t fix it.