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2008 Chevrolet Malibu - 3 Months in the shop

Transmission problems. Mechanic did not fix first time. Been over 3 months waiting for him to fix it properly. What do i do?

Tow it to a different mechanic?

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Tow it to another mechnaic that will probably charge me all over again for what I’ve already paid e.g. two or more times what I’ve already paid?

I see 2 choices, Tow it or wait.

Do you want your car fixed or not? Leave it there - car not fixed. Tow it to a better shop - get car fixed.

Entirely up to you.

If he has been working on it every day for three months please post the bill here before you pass away of heart failure. (Best of luck, this situation is a bummer)

Tow it to someone competent and sue the first guy.


Agree with oldtimer_11.