2008 Chevrolet Impala - Trying the egg thing

So I’m trying the whole egg thing but my radiator doesn’t have a cap the cap for adding water is ontop the be motor in my 2008 Chevy be Impala my question is if I put it in that be part would it go to my radiator only or ruin my motor plz help me

Where’s the coolant leak?


It’s.down by the plug that u can drain the radiator

Then get a new plug, or get a new radiator.


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You’re seriously considering adding an egg to your coolant, rather than simply replacing whatever is leaking, or at least using a commercially-available stop-leak product? Unless you are just trying to drive this car to the junkyard, I would think twice about such a silly idea. Find and fix whatever is leaking–which could be something as cheap as a hose–and do it the right way!


If the drain plug is leaking it is easy enough to replace the drain plug and O-ring. If the radiator is leaking it should be replaced. This is if the engine has not already been damaged by driving without coolant.

Keep the eggs in the refrigerator until you are hungry.


I take it you want the problem fixed on the cheap . . .

Call some of those mom and pop radiator shops in your area . . . the kind that sell nothing but cheap radiators

Chances are most of them will have your radiator in stock . . . quite possibly $100 or less

Replacing a radiator in your driveway doesn’t require too many tools . . . you can do it

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