2008 Chevrolet Impala - Electrical gremlins

Heater actuator often engages for no reason causing failure of actuator. Low washer fluid message is on when not low. Low beam headlights do not come on either in automatic or manual mode

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Thanks for the info.

Perhaps this is caused by a bad BCM (Body Control Module), but it is very relevant to ask…
Is it possible that this car was ever in a flood?


Ask shop to test the fluid level sensor.

How do you drive at night? Headlights on high all the time, even w/oncoming cars? If so, this seems the highest priority of the three issues. Ask shop to check the low beam bulb filaments, usually one would fail and the other work, but coincidentally both could fail at same time. Could be something else, but that’s where I’d start.

Not sure what heater actuator you refer.

Car was never in a flood. How can I check for a bad BCM ? And what would I expect to pay to have the BCM replaced?

First check the common failure points; headlight bulbs, relay, headlight switch and dimmer switch (multifunction switch).

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