2008 Cadillac Escalade - Transmission issues

Iam experiencing very bad acceleration and shifting issues…when I go to excel erase on the highway my rpms get stuck and I lose power is my transmission going bad what can I do??

Start with a qualified mechanic, but one suggestion is to review your transmission fluid change history. Was it done to the Mfg’s suggestion?

So, Charlie, are there any red or yellow lights on the dash? Is the little yellow engine symbol glowing? Then you ahve a problem and getting the error codes from the car is the first step to determining what is wrong.

Is it flashing? If Yes, stop driving the car. That means you are doing MORE damage every time you drive it.

Is one of the Red lights on? If Yes, Do NOT drive it, have it towed to a shop.

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Anyone have a clue what “excel erase” is :question:


Well Excell is a software program but I think this person means the Cancel / Resume button .


I think “excel erase” is spell check for accelerate.

Ed B.


OP, when this occurs does it seem like the engine rpms are increasing while the vehicle speed doesn’t change or even decreases?

I’m sure it is “accelerate”. Our son used to think exclamation point was extra Martian paint.

I think that this is what the OP meant with the following words…

… but that is just a guess. For all we know from afar, his tachometer could be getting flukey.