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2008 Buick LaCrosse info center is dimmed

The Information Center on my dash board doesn’t always come on.When it does it is very dim.Sometimes it will come on and in a short time it will go out.When it comes on the information seem to be correct.At night if it’s on it is still dim.

There is a control somewhere that allows you to set the intensity of the lights in the dash. See your users’ manual in the glove box.

The control itself may be defective or intermittent. Try moving it to see if that creates or changes the problem.

Mr. Russell;

The control for the brightness only effects the radio.I have the control turned all the way up with the Info Ctr showing no effect.

Thank you for your feed back.


from your manual, page 3-16:

Instrument Panel Brightness
The instrument panel lights can be brightened or dimmed by pressing the center knob of the interior lamp controls until it pops out. Turn the knob clockwise to brighten the lights or counterclockwise to dim them.

If this is the control you referred to, and it only controls the radio, then something is broken.

I have done that.No effect on Info Ctr.

did it ever work?

Yes.It always worked until the Info Ctr went black.It now works the brightness level on the radio and the dash board except the Info Ctr.

then it appears the control is broken, or more likely the connection from it to the info center. You need a dealer or a good auto electronics expert. And removing the dash is expensive on most cars.

Thank you for your help.