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2008 BMW X3 - 4X4 light

We took my wife’s 2008 BMW X3 in for a factory recall to replace a PFC (?) fitting replacement. She asked them to check the 4x4 warning light, which has been on for some time, but with no other problems. car runs and sounds fine. BMW dealership wanted to do a $258 re-programming that would give them a better idea if there was a problem with the transfer case, although it there was a problem the re-programming would not fix it–i.e., they would have to go into the transfer case to find out what is wrong.

OK… did you have a question? Or just letting us know about this?


There’s a reason some say BWM really stands for Bring Money With.

Back in the '80s, when there were a lot of vehicle break-ins to steal high-end audio systems in BMWs, many people used to say that BMW meant… “Break My Window”.