BMW X3 transfer case problem- is this a big issue?

2006 x3 with 88k on it. I’ve read that this is a common problem, with the 4 x 4, brake light, and ABS light all coming on and a tap tap tap sound when you turn off the car. Sounds like it’s the gear but I am not handy and I don’t really feel like going down there and doing this. The dealer will charge for about $1400 to replace the entire transfer case. Is this a big issue?

Sometimes when I drive it feels like I can hear a sound coming from the bottom of the car that sounds like it’s about to stall but it never does. Any advice here?

sounds like an average bmw repair bill to me

I’m stunned that they would ‘replace the entire transfer case’ for only $1,400.

Maybe it’s more- I don’t know. But is it a huge issue? Maybe it’s only the gear or fluid , who knows. Need to get it checked. but how long can I keep it before repairing?

PS it’s been a great car so far - bought in '08 with 44k on it. But I’m ready to sell…

You have all wheel drive, so the transfer case is always in use. There’s no way to tell how significant the problem is from here, you’ll need to have it looked at. See if there are some independent BMW repair shops in your area to give you a second opinion.

That’s what I planned to do. I want to sell it next month- this was bad timing (for me!)