2008 Acura MDX torque steering trouble

Torque Steering problem when accelerating

Is it a new problem, or has it always done this?

It is my daughters car. Recently had two tie rods replaced. Over the last 2-3 weeks, she has indicated this problem when she gets on the freeway


So this is a new problem, right? You didn’t expressly say, I have to assume that based on your post.

Have her take it back to the shop that replaced the tie rods. If it didn’t do this before the tie rods were replaced and it does torque steer now, then something the shop did (or forgot to do) caused it. If they argue, and claim everything is fine, take it to another shop. This is a serious issue.

Yes, started after the tie rods were replaced. It is in that shop as of this AM.


The shop that replaced the tie rods explained that the lower right ball joint is bad and the wanted > $900 due to it being part of the control rod assembly. I have moved it to the shop that recently did the timing belt for them to analyze and correct.


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Thanks for following through