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2007 Yukon Denali w/ retractable running boards

The retractable running boards on this vehicle are a PIA in cold climates. They have extreme difficulty retracting when it cold and snowy, particularly the driver side. I think that the motor on that side is getting soft, so I’m putting the truck up on the lift and I’m going to have a look. is anyone aware of maintenance instruction for these thing? I haven’t been able to find anything. Taking it to the dealer was a waste of time because all they wanted to do was reprogram the controller.

I will NEVER own this sort of running board again…

What don’t u like? The speed? Or the overall concept? Can u remove them and install fixed boards? Or tear them out completely?

What I don’t like about them is that they get stuck in the extended position. When they try to retract they start but the controller stops them if they draw too much current.

Sounds like something is binding. I don’t know of any maintenance procedures for them.

You’re not the only one who’s posted here with complaints about the as GM calls them “The Articulating Running Boards”, in the winter.

Seems to be a common problem. But I have yet to find a TSB that addresses it.


"Taking it to the dealer was a waste of time because all they wanted to do was reprogram the controller."

GRoy, did they reprogram or they just wanted to reprogram?

As far back as March, 2007 GM found problems with programming in the Assist Step Controller and issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) #07-08-61-004 to help mechanics diagnose complaints like yours, involving 2007 Yukon Denali models and other 2007 vehicles. The boards were found to be intermittent or stopping in mid-travel. Some are found to have set DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) B051C22 or B051D22.

This could apply to your vehicle.

Bulletin Link:


I have installed many of those power side steps/running boards as an add-on accessory. I would expect them to be problematic in the winter due to the build-up of snow and ice under the vehicle. Why not turn the power running boards off during these conditions?

I finally called the company that makes the running boards for GMC. The name of the company is AMP Research. I explained what was happening and I also asked them if there was a possibility of the motors being the problem. Tech Support said that the motors are rarely the cause of the problem and the the biggest cause is not applying a good penetrating lubricant at least once a month to all of the pivot points, during the winter months. This keeps everything moving freely. So I went out and got some Tri-Flow Penetrating Lubricant Lubricant and gave all of the pivot points a good dose. After a second application everything is working just fine. Finally…

Sincere thanks for taking the time to post back. Your post will be remembered by us and will undoubtedly help numerous others on into the future.

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I’m glad you could fix the problem inexpensively. A little maintenance and you’re good to go.

And for all you readers out there . ALL of these power running board, no matter the vehicle name, have the same issues.
They need to be cleaned and lubed constantly.
It’s one of those ‘‘looked good on paper’’ concepts that is just an expensive toy that needs constant t.l.c.