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2007 Yukon Denali Power Running Boards

Well, I’m finally getting rid of the power running boards on my yukon denali. I’m replacing them with traditional running boards. Why, because the cost to replacing the motors exceeded the cost of new running boards. The power running boards are not very practical here in Massachusetts. I’ll never get them again. Live and learn.

So,what is your question?

No Question really, I had asked a question regarding these running boards much earlier. This was just a statement of fact.

Great! Some people never post back and I am glad you did.

I’ve always considered them to be a “problem waiting to happen”, here in the Rust belt.
I’m sure the road salt and build up of frozen slush in the area of the running boards takes a toll on them.


Just courious here, I have never had power running boards, but could you deploy them, then pull the fuse and leave them extended?

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You are 100% correct. These running boards have been a problem since day one. When they get stuck in the out position they have a tendency to kill the battery. Plus they have simply been a maintenance nightmare. I’m glad to be rid of them.