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2007 Volkswagen Rabbit - Valve body life

valve body issue - once replaced after how long the problems re-appears?

Who knows ? It may last a long time or fail in a short time just like all vehicle repairs.

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true, but I heard some people saying that they replaced it and they still had the problem. My dilemma comes from the fact that this is my son’s car. He likes it, very sporty, good looking car and only $ 2,500. The engine is a beast. You feel like driving a Audi S3. So if with $380, I’m able to fix the problem, I’m all for it. All I need is 30.000 additional miles. Time to complete college, then on his own.

If the original lasted 13 or 14 years, you should get the 30K miles you need unless your son drives in a “spirited” manner. That is hard on the transmission.

How did you diagnose a problem with the valve body?

College kid
Engine is a beast
Drives like Audi S model
Near term future issues?

Thanks that’s what I want to hear