2007 Volkswagen GTI engine life

how long does engine last

That is like asking ’ how long is a piece of string ? '……… There is not a single answer other than ( until it dies ).

Depends how it was driven and maintained.

The son of friend insisted on buying one of these as his first car, since he had his own money. Several of us strongly advised against it since it had special wheels and looked to have been a kid’s car.

Sure enough, even though it had only 60,000 miles, it soon developed all sorts of expensive trouble. It mercifully went up in flames shortly thereafter.

So, IF this vehicle has reasonably low mileage and was driven carefully and well maintained, there is a chance it will not become a money pit.
The engine has the potential for about 150,000 miles if all the above takes place.

There will be other numerous problems that will nickel and dime you to death as the car ages.

Most panelists here recommend that a German car should be traded when the warranty runs out, unless you are a German car mechanic and can get the parts wholesale. A guy down the street is just that; they have 3 VWs.

Hope this is some food for thought before embarking on a shopping trip.