VW Jetta with 115,000 K

Does anyone know how Jetta’s run after 100,000 K? This one is selling for 7,000. I got a used Saturn for $2500 that last me six years, so this had better last me twelve. Possible?

It’s a risky deal. They usually cost more to keep running than a lot of other cars. They handle a lot better than some of those reliable cars though. It could be worth it. Those other cars can fall apart too.

try to bring down the price!!

By the time they reach that age? mileage, the most important factor is luck and what maintenance and care the car received over the first 100,000.

Odds are the Jetta will cost a little more than average, but some will cost less and some a lot more, it is difficult to tell.

Having any car checked by a good mechanic helps you get better odds.

Volkswagens do not last any longer than other cars, and cost about twice as much to maintain and repair than Saturns. A high mileage VW is a very risky buy, even if your mechanic checks it out OK. What you might go for is a used Mazda Protege, Chevy Geo Prizm (Corolla based), or another Saturn. Even a Chevy Cavalier is a good choice with low mileage, since they are very inexpensive to keep running, and have average reliability.

Having a Jetta with 100,000 miles last another 12 years is wishful thinking at best. At about 150,000 Jettas start encountering high repair costs, and you will need a second job to pay for all those repairs.

Price has little relationship with remaining life; I once bought a Chevrolet for $3000 with 71,000 miles on it and drove it a further 210,000 miles over a 8 years. Then sold it for $700.

Its a crap shoot at best. Previous owner maintenance would be a big factor in my decision to purchase. And, you will have to spend some pretty pennies on things wearing out soon. For $7000, there are better options out there. I would offer $5500.00 and run like the dickens if they declined the offer.

The diesel VWs do run for a very long time and command a high resale price, even if they have over 100,000 miles.

It can but very risky. Personally I use 150k as lifespan of little problems that impact the wallet. Many cars last much longer without serious incident but 150k is a good average considering the major (eg pricey) items that fail.