2007 Toyota Yaris - CEL

we have a 2007 Yaris, 5-speed manual; the check engine light has gone on twice and then turned off intermittently; the first time it seemed it was related to a 4k oil/filter change alert - is it possible to reprogram this to 5k miles? the second time nothing appears to be wrong apart from the car hesitating to start up even though it has a brand new battery - then it was fine 30 minutes later when starting but the check engine light stayed on during a 3 hour period; and then it went off again after a 1hr rest; any ideas?

you should be able to change it in your settings. check your owners manual it will tell you how.

Thank you! I will check my manual!

Check your owners manual. Usually the CEL and the Service Engine(oil change) are two different lights. If it is the CEL, have the code numbers read. Then post the numbers here.

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Mission Solved! We rechecked the gas cap and sure enough it had not been turned to the one click point; Thank you all for previous posts on Check Engine light and how sensitive the Yaris is to the gas cap/check engine light going on; I am still checking the manual to figure out how to reset the mileage for check engine;

Again, you seem to be confusing the CEL with the service engine light.


If my 2009 Corolla is any guide, the service interval is set at the factory and can’t be changed. It should come on every 5k. The indicator will say something like “Maint Req’d.” It’s nominally a tire rotation reminder but I also use it for oil changes.

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thank you!!