2008 Toyota Yaris Flashing Check engine light

Hi! I have a 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback S. it has 99008 miles on it and while trying to drive up my drive way (which is covered in ice and snow) I got stuck and before I realized I was stuck my check engine light was flashing. As soon as I stopped the car the light turned off. I was wondering what I should do.

Have the car towed to your mechanic. Do NOT drive a car with the CEL flashing.

Did the light turn off when you restarted the car? If the light is off or not flashing you can drive it. If it is still on and not flashing you can drive it. If you had alot of wheel spin before you got stuck the code stored may be false.

Was it the traction control light or check engine light?

I doubt a car in this price range has traction control.