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2007 Toyota Tacoma - High Idle?

When I stop at a light or stop sign, my truck accelerates and pushes forward a bit. Not sure if it is a high idle problem. It seems like the idle is high when I turn on the truck in morning.

The higher idle when you first start the truck in the AM is probably normal, unless it’s really high. Does the truck have a tachometer? If so, where does it idle when fully warmed up and in neutral or park?

The first thing to try is have someone clean the electronic throttle body.

If that doesn’t work, then the accelerator pedal position sensor or the throttle body itself may be the problem.


If the idle is over 750 or over the specified idle speed for a warmed up engine, I’d look for an air leak somewhere after the MAF, or possibly a dirty MAF. Cold idle is higher.

If your temperature gauge is showing cold after warm up, fix that first. The temp sending unit could be sending bad info to the computer. The thermostat could be staying open and the engine is actually cold and that too would cause a high idle but should also give you a check engine light with a code for not warming up fast enough.