2007 Toyota Prius Wheel Noise when Turning

Hi guys, I’ve got a noise that seems to come from one or both front wheels, occurring mainly when I’m turning. It’s very rhythmic, occurring at regular intervals, and seems to match my wheels RPM, getting louder and faster the faster I am driving.

The noise itself almost sounds like a loud engine, but doesn’t occur when revving with the car stopped, only while in motion and while turning.

I’ve tried looking into the matter, but I just have no understanding of whether this is a “thumping” or “knocking” or “rumbling”. However, it’s definitely not “humming”, “rattling”, or “squealing” Any advice?

Check for a worn wheel bearing.


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Check your power steering fluid level if applicable. Check the belt also if applicable!

Thanks for the response, Tester and Barkydog!

Pretty sure the OP’s Prius has electric power steering, thus no fluid.

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Look at all the tires, the tread area. Do you notice any unusual tread patterns on any of them? Does the sound worsen when turning in the direction opposite that tire?

Could also be a worn CV joint in one is the front axles.

I made a video of my Toyota with a bad front wheel bearing.Turn the volume up and listen to the noise its making.